Dealers: I'm giving away a unique strategy you can deploy yourself here.

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How To: A few unique ways to restock used

inventory in these crazy times.

(Secret: This could help your dealership gain inventory directly from your customers).

The past few months have been a wild ride. We've had to deal with some craziness with shutdowns and manufacturers not shipping out new cars.

Many of you have probably found that one of the largest challenges right now is not selling cars, but rather having cars to sell.

You've probably seen that dealers are less willing to dealer trade and that the auctions have become all weird as well.

There are a few hidden sources to tap some quality used vehicles to restock the inventory.

1. Service customers: You have a steady flow of customers coming in for oil changes and car repairs. Why not tap into that to source inventory?

Here's the gameplan: As a quality used vehicle comes through your service, have a manager run some numbers on what the car could be worth in trade or to sell.

Print out of some of these bad boys and write them an offer. Pop it on their rearview mirror as they leave. They are guaranteed to look at it and touch it to drive away. You can download a template here and customize it for yourself. Don't have a designer? No worries, reach out to me and I'll have our design team customize one for you for free.

2. Facebook: You can post on your Facebook fanpage that you are searching for quality used vehicles. Shoot a video about it and sponsor it to your fans and previous customers. A boosted video can reach a ton of potential sellers cheaply and fast!

3. Previous customers: Call, text, and email previous customers. Reach out. Many people right now are hurting from COVID and would be thrilled to get out of their car.

Hope this helps!

- DB

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