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Is your dealership playing checkers or chess?

(Secret: Some dealers are busy playing checkers... while others are player chess.)

This pandemic has been very interesting to watch from my end. To see dealers make the decisions they do.

I have to say some of you are playing checkers, while others are playing chess.

The big dogs make money and grow in both good times and bad. They innovate, outwit, outsell their competition. They position themselves for greatness by looking ahead.

Other dealers have gone into hiding... focused on conserving.

To grow, you have to find the opportunity in any market.

To do so, you've got to think ahead and stop managing for today... because tomorrow comes too.

While some of you focused on furloughing staff... others used it as a time to recruit the market's best sales guys and managers right out from under everyone else. Now those people are finding it hard to get their own people back.

While some of you stopped buying cars, others were actively searching for new cars because they saw there would be a period of time where new cars wouldn't be as accessible as it was just a month or two ago. Some started advertising to their markets to buy cars. Now some don't have the option to sell new or used cars as their inventory runs dry.

While some dealers went under a rock and stopped all their advertising... others ramped it up and became the sole voice in their market hitting customers gaining market share and generating opportunities. They planted seeds to sow later... while others held back and lost two to three full months of marketing.

While some waited to see what was going to happen, others rebuilt their whole systems to adapt to changes coming.

What game are you playing? Where can you find opportunity to grow despite how crazy the times are? Are you thinking and managing just for today or outwitting your competition by being 5 steps ahead of them?

- DB

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