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Why I'm Furious At Kroger and What It Can Teach You About Marketing Your Car Dealership.

(Secret: This could be costing your dealership a ton of lost profits every month)

It's 7 AM and I'm pissed off at Kroger's gas station. Silly right? Well I’m about to vent a bit. Stick with me because there is a huge marketing and sales lesson in this rant that can dramatically help your dealership grow its profit potential.

Why your digital spend is next to worthless at your dealership.

(Secret: You could be wasting a ton of money on digital marketing that does nothing to help you sell cars. )

You see lots of "clicks" and "pageviews." "Look at the time on site! This is crushing it!" They say. Only one big glaring problem... Your actual sales numbers don't reflect a big increase in real sales from their campaign.

Is your dealership's digital strategy costing you sales?

(Secret: This could be costing your dealership a ton of lost profits every month)

How many times have you run some kind of digital advertising for your dealership ... but when you look out at your sales.... you are left wondering: whether or not if it did anything at all to help you sell cars?

Is your dealership playing checkers... or chess?

The big dogs make money and grow in both good times and bad. They innovate, outwit, outsell their competition. They position themselves for greatness by looking ahead... and strategically have a plan for every opportunity. Is your dealership playing checkers or chess?

How to secure your management position at your dealership

(Secret: This could save your tail at your dealership!

No one likes to talk about it. However, I see it every day on my feed on LinkedIn. Dealership managers seeking a new opportunity.

It happens at least two to three times per week. I'll call on a new prospective GM I see an opportunity to work with and then out of nowhere... I'll get this awkward response from the receptionist: "Ugh... I'm sorry Mr. _________ is no longer with us. Would you like to talk to ________ our new GM?"

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