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Is your dealership's digital strategy incomplete

and costing you sales everyday to other dealers?

(Secret: Here is why you are always wondering whether or not your digital is actually working)

I've got a question for you:

How many times have you run some kind of digital advertising for your dealership where your vendor rep tells you what a great job it's doing for you... but when you look out at your sales at the end of the month.... when you look at your showroom floor and the in-store traffic, you are left wondering: whether or not if it did anything at all to help you sell cars?

Perhaps they showed you a fancy Google Analytics chart will all these clicks and page views and claim they are your #1 source of traffic! Yet still, those clicks you can't track a single sale to.

If this sounds like you... you aren't wrong. There is a big fat reason you feel this way.

Here's why: Most of this kind of marketing provides an incomplete result.

You see, a lot of vendors are focused on sending traffic or leads. NOT actual opportunity.

Think about a click like this: It's the equivalent of someone driving by your lot, looking around for a few seconds or minutes then driving away.

The reality: you can't work a deal, with a click. It's incomplete.

You can't follow up.

You can't talk numbers.

You can't do test drives.

You don't have the opportunity to sell anything.

You can only hope and pray they miraculously take action.

What about leads?

The challenge there... you only get any value from a lead when... and actually more likely.... "IF" your team contacts them.

Which if we all put egos aside, I think we all know they don't do all that great of a job. Look in your own CRM for proof.

I had a consulting session recently where I looked at a dealership's CRM. Their inbound leads got the standard CRM emails everyone sends and maybe a call.

It's an incomplete model.

It takes you some of the way there... but fizzles out along the way.

The reason you feel the way you do inside about digital is that the end result of marketing shouldn't be:

A page view.


A lead.

It should be a freaking person in your showroom that you can accurately trackback to the kind of marketing you ran.

You need real people in your showroom, not a tire kicker browsing. You need prospects there on the lot getting appraisals and taking test drives... not looky-loos you don't have the ability to speak with.

If you need a living breathing person to desk a deal... Why run so many solutions that only get you half or a third the way there?

Why not focus efforts on actually getting them there?!

You don't get to be a dealer without a customer THERE to sell to.

- DB

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